Nat Hentoff Playboy Interview

Full-length recording of an interview Bob Dylan gave Nat Hentoff in the fall of 1965, intended for use in a feature in Playboy magazine. When the resultant interview was eventually published in early 1966, it bore no relation to the conversation captured here.

When Dylan saw the proofs of the edited transcript Hentoff had sent in, he didn’t like them. According to Hentoff:

“The final set of proofs came to him after they messed with it in Chicago. I don’t know what they did but I think they put some words in his mouth. … I got a call and he was furious. I said, ‘Look, tell them to go to hell.’ … And he said, ‘No, I got a better idea. I’m gonna make one up.’ … [So] he made up an interview. I helped, I must say. Some of the good straight lines in there are mine, but … it was run as was with absolutely no indication it was a put-on.”


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